New Albion is a Vampire: the Masquerade game based on an invite-only Discord server. The emphasis is on collaborative storytelling and puzzle solving rather than dice rolling and combat. Dice are boring. In addition to some of the core V20 rules, there are some additions from the BNS ruleset for LARP as well as mechanics from the new V5 edition.

Since Wikia's removal of the "monobook" skin in May 2018 to bring their site into compliance with GPDR, we are investigating ways of replicating the old monobook format. Unfortunately, you'll just have to tolerate the Oasis default skin for now (an adblocker helps).

We have 306 articles about our game.
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All the information within is fictional and used for roleplay purposes only. Some rules may be revised or homebrew, and if you have any questions please speak to a storyteller if it isn't addressed on the website. We primarily use V20 and LARP-based rules. Vampire: the Masquerade and other associated titles are fully copyrighted to White Wolf.
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